April, 2016

Chatham Community Library, Pittsboro, NC





​​  Letter-writing Circle to show support for survivors of sexual assault

  • October:​

- Visit to  The kids at the Central Children's Home of NC to fill up 20 shoe boxes with gifts and love for the Operations Christmas Child. 
This is a way to let them experience the joy of giving.

 -4th Annual No to Domestic Violence 5K Run/Walk was on Oct. 13. 

  • July:

The kids at the Central Children's Home of NC will be received their 4th of July visit on Thursday, 7/5. We celebrated Freedom and Summer.

  • March:

The kids at the Central Children's Home of North Carolina will receive gifts during Easter visit.​


  • To deliver care shawls for the women at shelters.

  • To deliver items of comfort like: blankets, stuffed animals, toys, hats and scarves to children at shelters.

  • To deliver gifts for the mothers who are in shelters during Mother's day and Christmas.

  • Donations to Interact, women's shelter in Raleigh, NC for their Christmas Bazaar where the mothers go to select gifts for their kids and the kids go to select gifts for their mom.​

  • Visits to the Central Children's Home of NC in Oxford, NC five times a year during the following holidays:  Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Gifts bags are provided to the kids during each visit.​

    There are also three other visits one to give them the opportunity to give to others by participating in the Operations Christmas Child shoe packing.  The other two are to provide to them gifts to honor a woman in their lives during Monther's Day and to honor a man in in their lives during Father's Day.